This agreement is for the sale of one MALE / FEMALE (please circle one) bulldog puppy (hereinafter, referedto as "Puppy")born _______________________________, with a color description of ______________________________________________, by SOUTH BAY BULLDOGS ("Seller") to______________________________("Buyer"). Buyer agrees to pay Seller a purchase price of ____________________________, before Buyer takes Possession of Puppy and the American Kennel Club(AKC) registration application papers(Papers) if applicable (see section 7.)


1. Non-Refundable Deposit Payment.

Seller will determine when Puppy is available to Buyer based on the well being of the Puppy and other factors. Buyer must make reasonable arrangements to take possession of Puppy within 7 days notice of Puppy's availability. Buyer must pay remaining purchase price in full before taking possession of Puppy. If for any reason Buyer does not pay the remaining purchase price upon availability of Puppy or make acceptable, timely arrangements with the Seller, Buyer's deposit will be forfeited. Should Buyer decide against purchasing Puppy for any reason Buyer may apply Deposit towards another puppy. The price of which must be agreed to by the Seller. Under no conditions, however, shall Deposit be refunded to Buyer. Amount of deposit paid by :

__________________in cash;________________by check # _____________________License #___________________

 PayPal with Credit Card #_____________________________________________ Exp___________________________  

 Name on card______________________________________________Type____________________3 digit code______


2. Purchase Payment.

Buyer agrees to pay Seller the purchase price minus any deposit payent above by:

________________in cash:_________________by check #______________________License #__________________

PayPal with Credit Card #________________________________________________Exp________________________

Name on card_____________________________________________Type_____________________3 digit code______


3. Payments by check.

If Buyer pays by check, Seller may withhold Papers (AKC) until the check clears, at which time papers will be delivered to Buyer. In the event the check is returned due to lack of funds, Buyer must pay  Seller purchase price in cash plus a returned check fee of 10% of check amount. Buyer has three business days following the date the check is dishonored to pay the purchase price plus the fee or return Puppy at Buyers expense. In the event that Puppy is returned, Seller may withhold any cash payments that buyer has paid.


4.PayPal Payments.

Buyer agrees to pay a 3% fee for any payents made by PayPal.



 All shipping costs are the sole responsibility of Buyer.


6. Registration.

Puppy is sold WITH / WITHOUT (circle one) an application for American Kennel Club (AKC) registration (Papers).   If Puppy is sold with Papers, Buyer understands that the Papers are Limited / Open (circle one). Buyer understands that Limited Papers means that Puppy is not to be used for breedingand entry in dog eventsis restricted. In the event Seller does not have Papers at the time of sale, both Buyer and Seller agree, Seller will cause Papers to be delivered to Buyer within a reasonable amount of time. Further, Buyer understands that Seller may withold Papers until all payments have been received and all funds have cleared.

Buyer read and fully understand Section 6._________Buyer's initials. 


7. Seller's 1-year Guarantee.

Seller agrees to give a one-year guarantee, from date of sale, against major hereditry or conenital defects that would result in the death of Puppy. It is agreed that the Buyer will accept a replacement puppy out of the next compararble litter. Replacement Puppy will be of comparable value and the same gender as Puppy being replaced. Seller will not  be responsible for any medical bills incurred. This is the sole responsibility of Buyer. There are certain disorders that are relatively common to Bulldogs including but not limited to : cherry eye, entropic eye, allergies, thyroid dysfunction, demodectic mange, and other autommune disorders. These are all not considered major and are not covered under this guerantee. Buyer understands that not all veterinarians are created equal. Some veterinarians do not have experience with Bulldogs and/ or may charge high and / or unnecessary fees. Seller agrees to advise Buyer wuth Seller's extensive experience with Bulldogs and veterinarians. Further, Buyer understands that although Seller has made every effort possible to supply a healthy Bulldog, Seller is Prepared for veterinarian bills. Puppy has a one-year temperament guarantee and is valid only upon completion of a canine good citizen class within that one-year time frame. No replacementshall be made for deceased Puppy of if Puppy has been altered in any manner. No Puppy will be replaced if in violation of the terms of this agreement. 

Buyer read and fully understand Section 7.______________Buyer's initials.


8. Vaccinations.

Puppy will be vaccinated for : Parvo, Distemper, Para influenza, and Adevovirus. Puppy will be dewormed prior to leaving Seller's premises. Buyer agrees to continue shot  regimen and deworming for continued well being of  Puppy.


 9. Seller's First Right of Refusal.

Buyer agrees to give Seller the First Right  of Refusal in the event Seller decides to sell puppy during its life time.


10. Misc.

Buyer will be given a signed copy of this agreement, Papers pursuant to above, shot record, Avid microchip registration documentation, "Puppy Care" packet which must be strictly adhered to for the well being of the Puppy.

11. Microchip information.

AVID microchip ID number is:________________________________________________


I hereby acknowledge that i have read and agree to ALL of the terms and conditions listed in this agreement.

Buyer's Signature:____________________________________________________DATE:________________

(print name)_______________________________________Email___________________________________


______________________________________________________Phone(         )________________________


Seller Signature:______________________________________________________DATE:________________

(print name)_______________________________________Email SOUTHBAYBULLDOGS@HOTMAIL.COM

Phone (310)_______________________________________








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